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Previous hosts/etc 25, November 2006

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I started my web design “journey” from when I was 12. My previous hosts were:

Bravehost. Flooded with ads. It was OK for beginners, I guess, because it was easy to use. I found it very restrictive after I learnt new things. Stuff in school happened (definitely not my fault), leading to school staff suggesting I close down my site. I closed it down in 2004.

CJB. It started out pretty good because there were no ads and I did things the slow way, which I didn’t mind, by uploading HTML files one-by-one in the browser.

Kylosa. Similar to how CJB worked, but I was allowed to use PHP and although it was entirely browser-based, I enjoyed the fact that it had a good community of Anime graphics enthusiasts. This was when I started to have Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I used Microsoft Frontpage as my HTML editor, which today I would still prefer over Macromedia Dreamweaver due to its simplicity and user-friendliness.

Gunmage. The site was owned by Gin, who I contact out of the blue every now and then. I had a request site. It was stupid because only one person requested, and they requested a friggin’ layout. I still made it for them, but they never replied or anything. I didn’t mind Gin closing down her site. My subdomain thus died too.

DD.AM. Excellent stuff. I don’t remember why I abandoned my subdomain, but now that I’ve checked back to DD.AM, the site appears dead.

Awardspace. All good, but no cPanel. Instead, some sort of panel of theirs. Hated it. Oh, and no custom error pages.

Zeeblo. Same here, though even better. I knew more about the Internet during my “stay” there. Dead or not? I don’t know – will get back with updates for you on this one.

    And I used all-blog hosts too. These were:

    Xanga. Something unprofessional about it made me leave…

    Blogdrive. My whole school, the neighbourhood, the state, virtually all the highschool students of Australia use(d) Blogdrive. It was a fad so I joined. It had really good features, but crap smileys and when I was fed up with its top banner ad, I left…

    Diaryland. (Currently in use.) Not many features, but no ads and it’s pretty easy to code your own layout compared to Blogdrive. It’s good for people who don’t blog often and aren’t noobs… And when there’s a 404 error, it doesn’t lead to my own blog.

    AznBlog. (Currently in use.) I liked the fact that the domain was .fr – which is pretty rare. It’s where I try to act Frenchy and important. No custom error pages, just a “Not Found” error, which is OK.

    WordPress.com. (Currently in use.) A bit slow, slightly restrictive, but all good. No custom error pages, but at least it leads to my own blog front page rather than the host itself.


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