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TyL Hosting application 25, November 2006

Filed under: Hosting — oan00 @ 9:09 pm

I applied for hosting at TyL Hosting last Friday night (that’s the 17th of November). It’s been one week and I’m only allowed to re-apply if I get no response by next Friday (the 1st of December). – Must take note of that.

Also, here’s a notification, apparently from Zeeblo, via ILMOZ:


We are working towards getting zeeblo.com started ASAP. For a couple of days from now, Zeeblo.com may be inaccessible as server and DNS changes are being put into effect. This is not going to happen necessarily but if it does, please do not panic.

Myself being occupied in this besides providing backup here, we still need to decide upon several things.

We are planning to roll out Zeeblo.com with professional setup and support. Work is being done in this regard.

So, when Zeeblo.com is finally up and running, you can expect to see changes.

We still have to decide on packages, staff, policies and accounts. As of now, we do not have anyone in staff ranks officially.

As of now, please do not get carried away with information in this regard, if comes from anyone other than myself. Things are going to be smoother, once server stuff is sorted. Priority is to bring Zeeblo.com to stage where it can run a forum of its own to get things started.

Once that is done, then we shall consider other issues. Each policy and rule is going to be reviewed.

I would invite suggestions and proposals from every well-wisher of Zeeblo.com but it may not be possible to include all. So, come forward and let me know whatever suggestions you have for zeeblo.com. Just post in this thread. I’ll consider suggestions and weigh them against background of Zeeblo and facilities we have, so if possible, they shall be included.

Strange, strange. When will Zeeblo ever be back?


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