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Thanks TyL! 10, December 2006

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TwiRp recently accepted by submission. Wooo!

Here’s the link: http://oan.tyl.cc

I’m yet to work on it, though. 😦

EDIT: It’s up now!!!  


My stupidity/Zeeblo coming back? 8, December 2006

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Well, lookie here (from TyL Status blog):

December 7th, 2006 | 12:48 pm
@Kumiko: All applications have been processed. I can’t seem to find an application with your name or e-mail. In order to apply, javascript must be enabled (this is to block the bots that apply). If you don’t wish to enable javascript, you can send an e-mail to hosting@twirp.net with the information requested on the sign up page.

I don’t think I had Javascript disabled… twice. But anyway, it’s good to see that the owner was indeed not lazy/busy/whatever but just didn’t receive my two submitted forms.

I sent an e-mail to TwiRp (thanks for replying, TwiRp!).

And to other news… Zeeblo is soon to be back. The forums are back. Just when I’m searching around for a host. So not great.

I’ll take a note to continue to be with the small hosts in the future like Xentia (although no cPanel) 😦 or Endless Rain (no cPanel here either); but they both sound good. What sounds absolutely great at the moment is TyL because of the cPanel, aye?

EDIT: (Reply to yingna) Ah, that is true. But sadly, I am a teen, so I can’t buy things on the net, and I have parents who don’t trust it either. Thanks for the comment!


Tutorial idea 2, December 2006

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Yes, it is a very bad idea to tell your visitors what tutorial you’re intending on next, as people can go and steal your ideas.

But here I anyway telling you about a juicy tutorial to be included in my future (non-existent) website.

You know how Asian girls with their huge eyes, fake eyelashes and pale skin grace animated avatars and sticker photos? I’m sure every girl (or boy haha) would want photos where they look like a celebrity without going to Japanese photo booths in the city.

I’m going to teach you how to do these photos (MUAHAHAH has anybody thought of this?!) when I get my hands on a subdomain.

Click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here or here for examples. (Sorry if you’re being used as an example; notify me if you don’t want me linking to your photo.)