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My stupidity/Zeeblo coming back? 8, December 2006

Filed under: Hosting — oan00 @ 8:09 pm

Well, lookie here (from TyL Status blog):

December 7th, 2006 | 12:48 pm
@Kumiko: All applications have been processed. I can’t seem to find an application with your name or e-mail. In order to apply, javascript must be enabled (this is to block the bots that apply). If you don’t wish to enable javascript, you can send an e-mail to hosting@twirp.net with the information requested on the sign up page.

I don’t think I had Javascript disabled… twice. But anyway, it’s good to see that the owner was indeed not lazy/busy/whatever but just didn’t receive my two submitted forms.

I sent an e-mail to TwiRp (thanks for replying, TwiRp!).

And to other news… Zeeblo is soon to be back. The forums are back. Just when I’m searching around for a host. So not great.

I’ll take a note to continue to be with the small hosts in the future like Xentia (although no cPanel) 😦 or Endless Rain (no cPanel here either); but they both sound good. What sounds absolutely great at the moment is TyL because of the cPanel, aye?

EDIT: (Reply to yingna) Ah, that is true. But sadly, I am a teen, so I can’t buy things on the net, and I have parents who don’t trust it either. Thanks for the comment!


One Response to “My stupidity/Zeeblo coming back?”

  1. yingna Says:

    I just wouldn’t go with any of those hosting 😉 Free hosting are usually not that stable. Paid hosting really is a relief from free things.

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