A blog containing my web updates.

About 25, November 2006

So… what about this WordPress.com-o blog of mine? I made it today, just when I had more than a fortnight’s worth of downtime from beloved Zeeblo.

I wonder if I can ever trust free hosts anymore. Ladidadida ~ that’s why I’ve steered more into private subdomain hosting. What do I mean by “private“? Well, when some teen around my age has a personal website and offers hosting. I would go for one of those sites.

But they usually ask for a prior website as an example. But why would I have one of ’em if I was to request hosting? Exactly. That’s why Oan my WordPress.com blog came into existence.

This blog will house all my updates and stuff on my hosting progress. I want it to last for a few years; changing themes every season, until I get bored of it all…

If you are a happy hostess and don’t mind hosting me… I CHALLENGE you to it. Hahaha… because no host of mine has ever lasted for more than one year. I promise to be like what I am here, and not start swearing attacks (any weird activity should be blamed on hackers, of course).

Also, this site is in Australian English (or at least I strive for it to be so) and you need to be logged into your WordPress.com account in order to comment.


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