A blog containing my web updates.

Author 25, November 2006

Nickname: Kumi (derived from Kumiko)
Ethnicity: Teochew/Vietnamese/Hunan
Nationality: Australian
Personal Style: Urban/individualism
Music Preference: Ballads/classical/pop-rock
Goals: To exceed in a unique, different way; not necessarily academically; to travel to Japan(!); to speak conversational Mandarin; to speak fluent French

What I Want

I’m a somewhat anti-social Chinese-Vietnamese teen living in Australia. I’ve somewhat disinherited my Chinese roots. That sucks, doesn’t it? I attend high school, which is from Year 7 to Year 12. You’d probably see me banished from the Internet scene by the end of it.

I like French. I’ve adopted it as my third language. But of course I suck because I’ve only learnt it for a year. I can be stalked in French on AznCommunity – a French site! 😉

I despise communists and their evil ways.

I’m opinionated and loving it. I act at least two years too old for my age (cynical me), plus I have really bad memory. I’m sensitive (I get mad/happy easily) and I mean it. Post something mean and I’ll think it’s the end of the world for me. I’m a sucker; I appreciate praise and screech at critics.

In the future, I’ll do what the typical people do and strive to become a doctor or pharmacist. If you could get proper money out of being an artist, a musician, a fashion designer or a web designer, I’d be one of those.


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